Custom Made Suits

Custom Made Suits are the highest trending suits anyone can wear.Clients that go to a Custom Tailor to have Custom suits tailored , have the option to choose styles, fabrics , and have multiple fittings before the suits are completed.Every Custom Made Suit is made with a specific individual harbouring different postures, styles and occasion the garments is needed for in mind. Custom Made Suits enhances one’s personality by proper fit and showcasing individual uniqueness.When getting Custom Made Suits, the client should have a special bond with the the Custom Tailor. This is vital for the understanding of the needs and requirements of the individual suit. This bonding also goes on for generations to come. No two people are alike and therefore no two suits should be identical. Custom Made Suits not only fit better, as they were designed solely for a specific person, but also brings life to their identity.

Finely dressed men have been wearing Custom Made Suits for centuries. A person wearing a Custom Made Suits always stand out in a crowd as it shows his unique personality. As the saying goes, once you wear Custom you never go back to off the rack.

When choosing a Custom Made Suit, the Custom Tailor advises his clients as to the proper fabric weight and pattern that will suit the client’s posture and occasion. For instance, a person with a portly body should not wear loud checks or stripes. A thin pinstripe or a tone on tone fabric is best suited for that particular body shape. For a slim, tall person, loud pinstripes would not be the most appropriate fabric for that body shape. However, a soft window pane or plane fabric would make him look most elegant. A small ticket on the right hand side is recommended as well.

When initial measuring is being done for a Custom Made Suit, it is extremely important for the client to tell the Custom Tailor his exact vision for his suit. By doing this, the Tailor will have a better view for the measuring and cutting of the suit. In addition to this, the client should always inform the Tailor of any changes he wants to be made when the first fitting comes along. In that way, the Custom Tailor can make all the adjustments needed when recutting the suit. At point of the second fitting, minor adjustments and fine tuning can still be made to the suit to ensure the client’s utmost satisfaction. The customer can then come to pick up his finished customized garment. These steps ensure a sotorial and elegant look. After 5-6 wears of the suit, the client should return it to the Custom Tailor as the suit takes the shape of the client at that point and can therefore be minorly adjusted again. In addition to that, it should be resteam pressed for a brand new look once again.

Every man should have at least three Custom Made Suits: Navy Blue, Charcoal Gray, and a suit for formal occasions.